We remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by reforestating municipal wastelands. Make your business carbon neutral by creating new carbon sinks with us.

Why we create carbon sinks?

In our mind, many current compensation programs are unclear and their authenticity is a question mark. That is why Puuni was formed, our mission is to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through undeniably clear forestation projects. To achieve this, we work in partnership with businesses and municipalities. Trees are planted on land that doesn’t naturally offer a habitat for successful forest growth, and because of this, our forests are always carbon sinks that wouldn’t come to existence without the compensation. On top of climate benefits, our forests create habitats for new ecosystems to flourish in. The forests created through our projects are gained by the municipalities and it benefits the communities.




What is the carbon footprint of your business?

We can calculate your carbon footprint through GHG-protocol, which is currently the most widely used standard in the world. You will gain a reliable and comparable result, after which carbon emission reductions and sustainability strategies can be made.

We have just one planet.

Lets work together to make it better.

Who are we?

Joona Puhakka

Joona Puhakka

Co-Founder | Business Development

Ambitious entrepreneur, Olympic athlete and the CEO of Coredo. Joona is the Chairman of Puuni and leads the business development of the company.

Petri Kämäräinen

Co-Founder | Technology

Petri has vast experience from a lengthy career in software development. He's served as a Project lead in multiple companies and at Puuni he is responsible for technology and its development.

Juha Siitonen

Juha Siitonen

Co-Founder | Science

Juha is a Biochemist and he is responsible of our carbon footprint calculations, the development of our carbon sinks and communications.

Heikki Mäkikallio

Heikki Mäkikallio


Heikki is the Sales Manager of Puuni. If you are interested in emission compensation, call Heikki.

Our Partners

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