Our Services

With our service, you will know when your compensation trees are planted, where they are planted and how big of a carbon sink effect is created.

We create new forests together with local municipalities to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Our compensation is highly transparent and simple so that everyone in your organization and your partners will understand what we do.

Compensation through Forestry

We offer a way to neutralize inevitable carbon emissions through our domestic carbon sinks. We co-operate with municipalities and create new forest area on municipal land that doesn’t provide suitable circumstances for natural forest growth. This is important regarding compensation justifiability; our forests would not exist without the compensation. Therefore, the money invested makes a difference and the compensation is valid.

Calculating your Carbon Footprint

If a company wants to control their carbon footprint, they must first know the quantity and the origin of their carbon emissions. We calculate carbon footprints with the most widely used GHG standards. Our calculations are verified by a third party, hence there will be no uncertainty about the authenticity of our reports. Once you have a report, appropriate actions can be planned and executed. This is the best way to improve and move forward with your carbon strategy. On top of defining the footprints of companies, we can also calculate the carbon emissions of events and products.

Environmental Responsibility

Pressure for environmental actions is building up and people are more concerned about the planet than ever before. However, carbon compensation is still in a voluntary phase and many compensation options are unclear and hard to understand. The creation of different kinds of carbon credits is becoming increasingly popular, but the legitimacy is often highly questionable.

Puuni was founded to solve these authenticity problems. We create carbon sinks that are situated close to the source of the emissions. Because our forests are domestic and close, we can assure that they are planted properly and that they develop like planned. We also monitor the growth of the forests so that we can ensure that the promised magnitude carbon sink is created. Lastly, we offer certificates that show the compensation amount and precise coordinates of the location of the new forests. One can monitor the state of the forests through satellite images and up to date information, which can be accessed easily through QR-codes that we provide.